Saying Goodbye to My First App

Saying Goodbye to My First App

After over a year and a half of development and nearly 1 year in operation, my co-creator Leo and I are shutting down our first web app


X-Ray Vision for Basecamp

Basecamp usage is such a heavy part of our daily life — so we spent our free time over the last two years conceptualizing, designing, coding, and marketing a better way to experience your Basecamp projects.

Between our busy personal lives and our day jobs at a great web agency — culminating in being unable to retain our domain — we could no longer give the resources and attention it deserved. So earlier this month we made the decision to shut the app down.

However, this decision is not made due to lack of success. Our turn-key app gained hundreds of registered users over its short run and was entirely self-sustaining. This gives us hope that there’s always a future for our vision of a simplified Basecamp experience if we ever had the opportunity to reboot. The reality is we just don’t have the resources to rebrand and relaunch at this time.

Shoutout to my partner Leo, Basecamp, and all of the users who gave it a chance and helped make the app what it was!

Hearing how it made people’s jobs easier was really the best part — that’s what we set out to do.


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